Walk, Climb, or Fly: Surviving and Thriving in the Workplace Wilderness provides practical advice that will help anyone – at any level – move from mere survival to a more thriving, professional existence.

Discover the three operational styles present in any workplace. Learn how your style shapes the way you view yourself and your job, as well as how you get things done and manage workplace relationships!

Identify and embrace your own style as you recognize and adapt to work with the styles of others. Avoid style clashes that damage relationships, productivity, profitability, culture and morale!

Open the door to soaring productivity and better relationships on your journey through the “Workplace Wilderness.” You’ll learn to purposefully course correct and thrive as you obtain a greater sense of satisfaction and gratification from your labor!

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For over a decade, Live Path has provided strong, reliable counsel, guidance and support to an array of world-changing organizations in just about every sector. From strategies and roadmaps to executional support, Live Path provides an array of services that help drive business, digital and operational transformation, with an emphasis on helping people work smarter – not harder; working together – rather than in silos and supporting outstanding customer experiences. Live Path is a strategic consultancy that brings a wealth of multidisciplinary skill and experience, scaling to meet the needs of organizations of any size.

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